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Self Mastery Message

We humans are consciousness itself, embodied in order to experience life, choice, growth and expansion. As we gain the skills to live a life of pleasure and joy, so life continues to transform and expand. This process starts within each one of use. Then, ‘as within, so without’, your world starts to reflect back to you that which you transmit out. If you want to live your best life, if you want to change the world, self mastery is the way.

How Martial Arts Inspired Message

A long time ago, when I was living less healthily than I do now, I met a man who invited me to come to his Tai Chi classes. I told him I couldn’t afford them and he said I could pay with apples and oranges. He told me just to go to the market and buy a small bag of apples and oranges before class and that would be perfect payment for him.

I was a bit embarrassed, but really wanted to go to the class, so I did this. His classes really did something for me. I learned Tai Chi, yes, but more than that I got to see how he lived from a place of kindness and compassion. He walked his talk. What he taught he lived. This has become an integral part of my teachings and message now.

Title of Your Presentation

Leading From The Heart

Short Synopsis of Presentation

We’re living at a time when who you BE is more important that what you DO. Are you living and leading from the past or the present? From your fear or your heart? Martial arts teaches us the skills and wisdom that helps us become the cutting edge leaders that the world needs now.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

26 years

How Have You Changed Peoples Lives/The World for the Better?

I’ve had the honour and privilege to work with people in a wide variety of ways for over 26 years. In this time, I’ve helped hundreds of people to clear the fear, shame and conditioning that we all accumulate, so that who-they-really-are can emerge. As this happens, they are more in alignment with their higher selves and empowered to create the lives that serve them and the world the best.

Short Biography

Rebecca Lowrie has been a catalyst for deep transformation and personal growth for many years. Her company, Self-Alchemy, is the result of over 25 years of formal training, professional experience and intense personal exploration.

Two years ago, after working as a tantra practitioner and facilitator for 12 years, Rebecca was guided to bring her unique set of skills, tools and resources to the business world.

Self-Alchemy now offers unique self-awareness/personal development/wellbeing/mindfulness programs to individuals, companies and organisations, with a focus on heart-lead leadership.

Website: www.self-alchemy.com

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