Spreading Self Mastery Inspired By Martial Arts

Martial Mindset for Everyday Use

Martial Mind Power Talks is a non-profit social enterprise devoted to spreading self mastery teachings inspired by martial art & philosophy combined with self help

Talks - FREE talks shared by thought leaders and authorities, the real masters in our society to educate, inspire and empower you to step into your power

Videos - Learn more about how to cultivate your self mastery by taking the Master Your Life video courses online

Blog - Content containing Zen Koans to challenge you to expand your mind to raise your conscious awareness

The Book - Read how to cultivate your self mastery in Master Your Life, The Art of Martial Mind Power, 9 Steps to Cultivating Self Mastery Inspired by Bruce Lee, and written by a 3rd Generation Instructor in Bruce Lee's martial art & philosophy


Lak Loi
Lak Loi is a true White Collar Warrior. He has been a City and Wall Street consultant since 1997, and[...]
George Hardwick
George Hardwick, author, poet, rapper and teacher, sums up the book and book launch in the form of his signature[...]