Giving is the new receiving

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Martial Mind Power Talks is a non-profit social enterprise.  We believe giving is the new receiving. Why not make an anonymous donation to help us continue to spread the self mastery teachings, to help raise consciousness across the globe to make the world a better place to live in. Your donations allow us to continue doing the work we love… to see people step into their true power, and reveal their true authentic higher self. We truly believe it all starts with self mastery, by being the change ourselves and inspiring and empowering others through your own journey

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If your product &/or service is ethically and morally aligned with self mastery values & beliefs, then why not take the front seat with Martial Mind Power Talks and sponsor a talk. Join in and help  Spread the love

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Martial artists are a smart, passionate and loyal community, eager to learn and kick ass! We select advertisers who align with our values and beliefs, and invite you to join our community of speakers, attendees, viewers and much more to discover how your company &/or organisation can thrive by advertising with us, whilst helping us to  Spread the love

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Why don’t you bring a Martial Mind Power Talk to you, to educate, inspire and empower your company, organisation or institute, be it a private, educational, sports, or commercial establishment. We all need to be shown the way to connect to our true authentic higher selves. Bring it home!

How Martial Mind Power Talks Work

Who owns Martial Mind Power Talks?

Martial Mind Power Talks is a non-profit social enterprise established in 2007 by infopreneur Lak Loi.

The goal of Martial Mind Power is to spread self mastery teachings using martial arts & philosophy combined with self help to raise consciousness, so we can connect to ourselves, one another, and honour Mother Earth.

It aims to provide a platform for thought leaders, visionaries, philosophers and mystics inspired through martial arts & philosophy and in the pursuit of self help to understand and face issues we encounter in society and in the world, so that we can change the way we think, act and do, to make the world a better place to live in for everyone.

The DNA of Martial Mind Power, is that this can all be achieved through cultivating ones self mastery.

How does Martial Mind Power Talks make money?

We have just taken off the runway, and are humbly accepting grants and generous donations to spread the self mastery teachings.

Everyone who buys a ticket to attend a Martial Mind Power Talk contributes to share self mastery teachings with the world, through the talks, videos, writings, workshops, seminars, experiences and other content.

Martial Mind Power Talks are also supported by partnerships who are ethically selected to sponsor &/or advertise at the events to make it possible to share the teachings.

We are very grateful to all the Martial Mind Power volunteers who support us to spread the self mastery teachings across the globe.

What does Martial Mind Power Talks do with the money?

All profits made from the Martial Mind Power Talks go back in to spreading the self mastery teachings as far and wide across the globe, to help people step into their power, to reveal their true authentic higher selves through raising their consciousness using the vehicle of self mastery inspired by martial arts and philosophy. I like to say...

'Move your body, move your mind, move your spirit.'

Be part of the movement

Policies & Terms

Martial Mind Power Talks is a platform for sharing ideas in a moral and ethical manner, so we have some basic grounds rules.

Sharing Policy

We encourage the Martial Mind Power community, non-profit organisations, bloggers, social enterprises, news media and the like to share the Martial Mind Power Talks through social media and to represent our content in the best light on non-commercial websites to help spread the self mastery teachings and raise consciousness