How to Discover Your Inner Bruce Lee | Lak Loi

As a young child, Lak was mesmerised by Bruce Lee on the big screen.

Little did he know, when life was going to serve him a major blow later in life, that he would lean on Bruce Lee’s inspirational and empowering teachings to help him cultivate his own Self Mastery to relieve his own suffering and in turn discover his true authentic higher self. Through this journey, Lak discovered his gift which became known as the… 9 Steps to Self Mastery.

Through Lak’s own process of suffering and cultivating his self mastery, he became a…

  • 3rd generation instructor in Bruce Lee’s martial art & philosophy,
  • He wrote a book to share his 9 Step Self Mastery process to help others,
  • He became a Self Mastery Specialist to heal others and help them reveal who they really are, and in turn
  • Founded Martial Mind Power so Lak could share his gift with you here right now.

Lak reluctantly did this MMP TALK because he did not want the MMP TALKS to be about him.

Lak stated the MMP TALKS are about all the Masters from around the world who have cultivated Self Mastery compelled through some martial teachings in their own unique way, and have a message to share with the world from the gift they discovered through their own process of Self Mastery.

Lak’s talk will help you understand his process, and set the scene for:
– How MMP was born,
– What the MMP TALKS are all about, and
– How collective Self Mastery experiences encapsulated in the MMP TALKS from Masters all around the world will go on to…

Spread Self Mastery Inspired by Martial Arts to help raise human consciousness and make the world a better place to live in.

Enjoy the talk.

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